Visiting France in October

Autumn in France francisco.j.gonzales/Flickr

Autumn in France ©francisco.j.gonzales/Flickr

If you did not have enough time during summer to visit the majestic country of France, I suggest you to do it in October. This month is a gorgeous month in France, also a perfect time for an unforgettable visit. This is the month when autumn colors are at their best. Besides, the temperature may by warm enough in many places to allow excellent walking tours and outdoor activities. There are numerous events and festivals held all over the country and the grape harvest is done. In case I caught your attention or you are planning a visit to France during October, I recommend you to read this article. It might help you with some useful information.

How the weather is…

During October the weather in France can be very variable. There are many sunny days, but rainy days also appear towards the end of October and cool breezes can make you feel the temperature is low. The northern region and Paris can be cold and rainy.

In other major cities Bordeaux and Nice (in the south) the weather can be warm enough to enjoy some outdoor activities. The average temperature in these two cities is over 15°C. Strasbourg and Lyon can be a little bit colder, with an average of about 10-12 °C. But even if you visit a little bit colder region in October, you will still have a large variety of options for indoor activities.

Autumn in France francisco.j.gonzales/Flickr

Autumn in France ©francisco.j.gonzales/Flickr

What to pack for the journey…

Packing for a holiday in France in October can be a little tricky. I think you must consider the fact that it is an autumn month and there may be cold at some point during your stay. If you visit the southern part of France during the beginning of the month, it will definitely be a warm, pleasant weather.

As for the chilly days, I think you should get some of the following items: some cotton clothes (light ones), a warm jacket (for evening walks), a waterproof coat (in case it rains), cardigans, perhaps sweaters, some waterproof shoes and an umbrella.

Fall leaf SteFou!/Flickr

Fall leaf ©SteFou!/Flickr

Things to do in October

What should you do in France during October? You should admire for example the beautifully changing nature. There are innumerable natural sight, national parks, public parks and forests where you can make long walks, admiring the breathtaking nature and the fall foliage.

You can also book a great wine tour. As the grape harvest is done for October in many regions, making a wine tour is obvious. It is a great choice if you are a wine-lover, especially a fan of French wines.  

October events

Of course, there are held some great festivals and events during October. These events attract many visitors. Some of the most popular ones are the following: Nuit Blanche (held all over France) is an event which attracts the visitors to many sights which stay open all night, Jazz Pulsations in Nancy, Amiens Rederie, Lyon Film Festival and so on.  

Nuit Blanche in Paris (vincent desjardins)/Flickr

Nuit Blanche in Paris ©(vincent desjardins)/Flickr





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