Where to go clubbing in Strasbourg

photo by .tungl

Strasbourg is the cultural capital of Alsace, and a great place for travelers who are trying to soak in as much French art and culture as they can. But Strasbourg is not just  city filled to the brim with museums and galleries where only high-culture experts can feel in their element. You can enjoy a good museum and then head into the city for some more light-hearted fun that doesn’t involve any thinking beyond what’s necessary to move your feat to the beat or bring a glass to your lips. Strasbourg does have a clubbing scene, and a good scene it is. Here are some suggestions on where to go clubbing in Strasbourg.

Le Chalet, Route de la Wantzenau

Le Chalet’s guests are a mixed crowd, which is a sure sign that it caters to all tastes and you are likely to have fun at this venue whichever your clubbing preferences might be. The Chalet complex is huge – there are two dancefloors, karaoke, several bars and a couple of restaurants too.

La Laiterie, Rue du Hohwald

photo by jdmartinho on Flickr

If you like to spend the night listening and dancing to live music, then you will surely enjoy La Laiterie, one of the best venues in Strasbourg for live acts. The music ranges from blues and world music to cabaret, and nationally and internationally famous bands and singers are known to perform here. Although it isn’t open every day of the week, if you’re in Strasbourg when there’s something happening at the Laiterie, you should definitely take a look.

La Salamandre, Rue Paul Janet Krutenau

La Salamandre is one of the most popular student haunts in the city, and very lively even on weekday nights, but especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays when there are themed nights organized by various student groups. The drinks are predictably cheap, and the music can range from modern indie to 80’s hits and salsa music.

Le Seven, Rue de Tonneliers

photo by Uwe Hermann

Most nightclubs in Strasbourg are open until 3-4 in the morning, but if you still feel like dancing then you might want to head to Le Seven, a club where the lights don’t go on until 7 in the morning. The club is open Wednesday through Saturday, from 10 PM, and the music is the kind that doesn’t allow you to leave the dancefloor until you’re completely exhausted.

La Java, Rue de Faisan

This unpretentious cellar is everything that a poor student or a budget traveler could want – good music and affordable drinks and pub grub. Le Java is especially popular with foreign students, so it’s common to hear English spoken. The club hosts concerts, themed evenings, and even cartoon and short film screenings.

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