Your tourist guide to the department of Finistére

Quimper stephanemartin/Flickr

Quimper ©stephanemartin/Flickr

The westernmost department of continental France, Finistére is an astonishing region. It is home to dozens of beautiful visitor attractions, including Brest, Quimper, Locronan, Saint-Jean-Trolimon, Ushant and Brignogan-Plage. The department makes part of the beautiful region of Brittany.

The department is very attractive for visitors. If you would also like to visit it, I suggest you to read the following article before traveling. It will serve as your tourist guide to the department of Finistére. With some unique attractions, like a lighthouse, cathedrals and churches, medieval settlements, granite rocks and wonderful beaches, the department is the perfect destination for you. I am absolutely sure that you will enjoy the visit.


Brest is an important harbor city, being very attractive among visitors. With numerous sights, the city is with no doubt a must if you spend your holiday in the department of Finistére. The best-known landmark of the city is perhaps the Recouvrance Bridge (Pont de Recouvrance). Other two important visitor attractions in Brest are the Tanguy tower and the castle which are actually the oldest monuments in the city. The famous tower also houses a museum which is attractive for visitors. Besides, there are also other museums and a wonderful aquarium in the city.


The breathtaking commune of Quimper is a very attractive tourist destination. Lying on the Odet River, the commune has a picturesque landscape. It is home to numerous visitor attractions, including the beautiful Saint-Corentin Cathedral, the old town centre, several wonderful churches, the Musée des Beaux-Arts and others.

Quimper stephanemartin/Flickr

Quimper ©stephanemartin/Flickr


As one of “the most beautiful villages of France”, Locronan is a popular destination in the department. With fantastic medieval structures, the village has a picturesque setting, at the foot of a hill. Visiting the village is like stepping back in past. I recommend it for those who love medieval buildings and peaceful atmosphere.

Locronan alainlm/Flickr

Locronan ©alainlm/Flickr


Another beautiful village in the department is Saint-Jean-Trolimon. It is famous for its wonderful calvary. The calvary is actually a kind of a public monumental structure in form of a crucifix. It is usually found in Brittany, respective in Northern France. The wonderful village is with no doubt a great travel experience.


The island of Ushant belongs to the department of Finistére. The island is well-known for its maritime past. One of its major highlights is the Creac’h lighthouse which is considered the world’s most powerful lighthouse.


Last, but not least attractive is the commune of Brignogan-Plage. Situated about 30 km of Brest, the commune is famous for its beautiful coastal line. If you love sea and beautiful villages, the commune is a must for you!

Brignogan-Plage Ludo29880/Flickr

Brignogan-Plage ©Ludo29880/Flickr

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